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  • PLUME - FEATHER is open
    Mon, 27 Avril 2009 - 12:53

    The Website PLUME-FEATHER is open : 6 cards are available.

  • PLUME - FEATHER News (list and feed) set up
    Thu, 23 Avril 2009 - 10:29

    Today 4 software index cards have been published on the site but the site is not yet open.
    We have set up a news list along with an RSS feed to inform visitors of PLUME-FEATHER site news and give information about Free Libre Open Source Software events related to PLUME-FEATHER partners.

    • To view the news list : 'News' menu
    • The news RSS feed is included in the PLUME-FEATHER RSS feed : 'RSS feed' menu