Keywords used in the PLUME-FEATHER project

Keywords used in the PLUME-FEATHER site

Created in the context of the PLUME-FEATHER project, by CNRS, licence Creative Commons by-sa.
These keywords are the same of the French PLUME site where more than 300 cards have been published. So only few of them are currently used in the English PLUME-FEATHER cards.


Operating system(s) supported by the software.
UNIX-likeSoftware (mostly Free Libre Open Source Software - FLOSS) that runs on Unix-derived systems such as Linux
WindowsSoftware (mostly Free Libre Open Source Software - FLOSS) that runs on the Windows system
MacOS XSoftware (mostly Free Libre Open Source Software - FLOSS) that runs on the MacOS X system


Profession, scientific domain or related activity (cooperative work...) of the Higher Education and Research community in which the software is regularly used.
agronomySoftware (mostly free software) useful to researchers and teachers in agronomy
biologySoftware (mostly free software) useful to researchers and teachers in biology
chemistrySoftware (mostly free software - FLOSS) useful to researchers and teachers in chemistry
developerSoftware (mostly free software) useful for developers or activities related to the development of computer code
documentation-STISoftware (mostly free software - FLOSS) useful for documentation professionals and Scientific and Technical Information (STI) domain
geographySoftware (mostly free software - FLOSS) useful to researchers and educators in geography
managementSoftware (mostly free software) useful for management (management, monitoring) of entities (laboratory workgroups) and projects
mathSoftware (mostly free software) useful to researchers and teachers in maths
mechanicsSoftware (mostly free software - FLOSS) useful to researchers and teachers in mechanics (solid, fluid ...) and mechanics professionals
physicsSoftware (mostly free software) useful to researchers and teachers in physics
qualitySoftwares (mainly free softwares) usefull for people who work in research laboratories and who want to start or sustain a quality process
SSHSoftware (mostly free software - FLOSS) useful to researchers and teachers in the field of Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)
sysadminSoftware (mostly free software) useful for system and network administrators
cooperative workSoftware (mostly free software) tools (groupware - CSCW: Computer Supported Cooperative Work) : to support groups of people working together on a project
scientific computingSoftware (mostly free software) useful to researchers and teachers in scientific computing
trainingSoftware (mostly free software) useful for teaching and training
otherSoftware (mostly free software) useful for a specific profession or activity which is not in the list
transverseSoftware (mostly free software) used by all or many of the professions such as office tools, Internet browser

IT sector

IT sector (office, system administration, etc.) of the software.
officeOffice tool: word processing, spreadsheets, graphics, drawing, creating presentations ...
internetUsed for the Internet: email, web, videoconferencing...
multimediaMusic, sound, image, video...
databaseDatabases, directories ...
managementFinancial management, accounting, human resources ...
scientific computercomputer, server for scientific computing
Web dev.Web site development and programming
organisationManagement tasks - resources, calendar, directory, planning, helpdesk ...
system adminSystem administration : OS, backup...
net adminNetwork administration (infrastructure, tools, applications)
securityInformation Systems Security (ISS)
developmentSoftware development
professionFor an activity specific to a profession


Type of use: personal (on a personal computer) or collective (installed on a server)
personalSoftware installed on a personal computer (usually a client software)
collectiveSoftware generally installed on a server for collective use

Main features

Main features of the software.
antispywareAnti Spyware
antivirusAnti Virus (malicious software)
archivingData archiving
backupData Backup
bibliographyCreation or administration of a bibliography
browserWeb Browser
collaborative workCollaborative work
compilerComputer Compiler
compressionData compression
conferenceConference or meeting (in a room or via Internet)
content managementContent Management : CMS (Content Management Systems), wiki...
cooperative workCooperative work
data encryptionData encryption
data integrityData (files, messages...) integrity
data modelisationData modelisation
data processingData processing, data analysis, data classification...
debugerDetection of bugs in a program
displayVisualization of data, documents
disseminationDissemination, communication of information (documents, photos ...)
distributed computingDistributed computing on clusters stations, server farms, grids
e-learningDistance Learning
e-publishingElectronic publication of journals, books, ...
emailEmail messaging
exercise creationTo create exercises
file sharingSharing files among multiple users
file transferTransferring files
image processingImage Processing
instant messagingInstant messaging, chat
IT resource manIT resource management (deployment, monitoring, maintenance...)
languageCompiled or interpreted or scripting language
library managementLibrary (books, CD, DVD...) management
loggingGeneration or processing of computer logs, errors ...
mailing listMailing list
meeting managementMeeting management (rendez-vous...)
multimediaMultimedia: different media simultaneously
operating systemOperating system (OS)
printingPrinting Documents
project managementManagement of all types of projects (and other developments)
remote accessRemote access to a server, a service
ressource bookingRessource booking : rooms, cars...
revision controlVersion control system (VCS)
software environmentSoftware Environment
software librarySoftware library
surveySurvey, questionnaire : creation or processing
system toolSystem tool
testsSoftware Testing ...
text editorEditor of computer code, HTML code
trainingTraining, Education
translationTranslation of texts, interfaces, programs ...
virtualisationComputer virtualisation
web serviceWeb service
word processorWord processor
workflowWorkflow (information flow)

Various other keywords

Principal keywords associated with the software.
This is a brainstorming list. It will soon be organized.
3D3-dimensional (data representation, design, graphics, images ...)
audioAudio (sound, music, voice)
bugBugs, errors, incidents
certificateElectronic certificate
cluster/gridCluster of servers (computer), cluster computing farm, grid
CMSContent Management System
corpusset of documents grouped in a precise objective
displayDisplay on the screen
DTPDesktop Publishing
FG infrastructureSoftware deployed on the distributed France Grilles production infrastructure
FG usersSoftware used by at least a community of users on France Grille production infrastructure
firefoxFirefox (the browser or one of its many plugin)
FTPFTP (File Transfer Protocol)
GISGIS (Geographic Information System)
H323H323 (voice, image and data over IP communication protocols)
HTMLHTML (Hypertext Markup Language)
ILSIntegrated Library System
JavaJava (computer language)
JavaScriptJavaScript (programming language for scripting web pages)
laboratory ISInformation System of a laboratory
layoutLayout of documents
LIMSLaboratory Information Management System
LMSLearning Management System and Learning Content Management System (LCMS)
MatlabMatlab : technical computing environment
numerical comp.Numerical computing
PDFPDF (Portable Document Format)
photoPhotography, image, picture
playerPlayer, reader
pluginPlugin or add-on used by Firefox and Mozilla...
proxy serverProxy server
RSSRSS (Really Simple Syndication)
SCORMSharable Content Object Reference Model
SIPSIP (Session Initiation Protocol) - VoIP Protocol
slideshowSlideshow, presentation
SSHSecure SHell protocol
symbolic comp.Symbolic Computation
TEIText Encoding and Interchange : a standard for the representation of texts in digital form
telnetTELNET network protocol for interactive access
TeXTeX (typesetting system)
UMLUML (Unified Modeling Language)
vector drawingVector drawing
VPNVPN (Virtual Private Network)
wikiWiki (collaborative web site)
X11X Window System


Specifies whether the software was created within the French higher education and research community (or by one of the partners of PLUME-FEATHER project) or not.
external developmentThe software has not been developed by the French higher education and research community.
Higher Edu/ Research developmentThe software has been created within the French higher education and research community (or by one of the partners of PLUME-FEATHER project).

Type of license

License type.
freeFree under FSF (Free Software Foundation) or OSI (Open Source Initiative)
proprietaryProprietary, not free


Price of the software.
not free Not free