Cross-Section topology : topology for image processing

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  • Creation or important update: 26/03/10
  • Minor correction: 12/09/13
  • Index card author: Michel Couprie (LIGM)
  • Theme leader: Teresa Gomez-Diaz (LIGM)
General software features

We extended the topological concepts of the 2D binary images to the 2D graylevel images, by considering all the cross-sections (thresholds) of the images. This led us to propose new methods for segmenting, filtering, and enhancing grayscale images. These methods are based on operators that either preserve or selectively modify topology [CBB01,BEC97].

Context in which the software is used

Used for the research of the team, and also in several research projects, see

Publications related to software

[CBB01] M. Couprie, F.N. Bezerra, and G. Bertrand: "Topological operators for grayscale image processing", Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 10, Nb. 4, pp. 1003-1015, 2001.

[BEC97] G. Bertrand, J.C. Everat, M. Couprie: "Image segmentation through operators based upon topology", Journal of Electronic Imaging, Vol. 6, Nb. 4, pp. 395-405, 1997.

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