Norm_Est : fast and robust normal estimation for point clouds with sharp features

This software was developed (or is under development) within the higher education and research community. Its stability can vary (see fields below) and its working state is not guaranteed.
Higher Edu - Research dev card
  • Creation or important update: 22/09/13
  • Minor correction: 22/09/13
  • Index card author: Pascal Monasse (LIGM)
  • Theme leader: Teresa Gomez-Diaz (LIGM)
General software features

This software computes the normal to the underlying surface at every point of a given point cloud. The algorithm does not smooth sharp angles while being as fast as the state of the art.

Context in which the software is used

Software used to obtain the results of publication [1], see also the slides of the presentation (on the web site).

Publications related to software

[1] Alexandre Boulc'h and Renaud Marlet, Fast and Robust Normal Estimation for Point Clouds with Sharp Features,
Symposium of Geometry Processing 2012, Tallin, Estonia.